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: Overnight Camps :

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A $100.00 deposit is required for each enrollment to reserve the camper's place. Deposit is applied towards the program fee. Program fee for regular Overnight Camps is $285.00.

Registration is now open!

Week 1:  June 9-13 Week 5:  July 7-11
Week 2:  June 16-20 Week 6:  July 14-18
Week 3:  June 23-27 Week 7:  July 21-25
Week 4:  JUNE 30 - JULY 4  


Overnight Camps Ages Week Number
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Critter Encounter 8-10      •      
Critter Encounter**** 8-11            
Eco Art 8-10          
Time Travelers 8-10            
Aqua Explorers* 8-11            
Aqua Explorers 9-11          •  
Rock Stars 9-11          
Earth Trek 11-13            
Raptor Camp 11-13          
Night Camp 11-13        
Survivor Camp 12-14          
Night Camp** 13-15      •  
Survivor Camp*** 13-15          

* Due to demand, we have added a second Aqua Explorers camp during week 5. This camp is also open to 8 year olds! 

** Due to demand, we have added an additional Night Camp (ages 13-15) during Week 2. Our older Survivor Camp will now be offered only during weeks 4 and 7.

*** Our older Survivor Camp is also open 13 year olds. 

**** Week 4 Earth Trek has been cancelled and combined with Critter Encounters, now for ages 8-11.


Looking for a transitional camp between day and overnight?  Check out Challenge Camp for 8-9 year olds!

Regular Overnight Camps: $285

Regular Overnight Camps begin Monday at 9:00AM and run until Friday at 2:00PM. Come Friday at 2:00PM to see the Parent Program, a short production by campers.

Critter Encounter (ages 8-10)
This camp is an animal lover’s dream!  Get up close and personal with reptiles, mammals, raptors and more.  You'll also learn how to take care of the Outdoor Education Center’s resident Box Turtles!

EcoArt (ages 8-10)
Painting, sculpture, drawing, poetry, music, and more!  Unleash your wild side while using the natural materials of Glen Helen to create cool art, fun crafts, and rockin' instruments.  Let your imagination soar as your search the Glen for inspiration.

Time Travelers (ages 9-11)
Travel back in time as you experience artifacts from an earlier age. Experiment with pioneer cooking and find out what life was like for kids living along the Ohio River in 1796.  Get ready to experience history firs-hand on a special field trip to a regional historical park!

Aqua Explorers (ages 8-11, 9-11)
Get wet in the wild as you explore pretty ponds, quick creeks, and mucky bogs. Discover the water cycle through a variety of games and activities, and learn stream ecology from a pro. A special trip to the London Fish Hatchery makes this camp even wetter and better!

Rock Stars (ages 9-11)
Explore the rocks, fossils, and caves of the Glen, and the stars of the summer night sky.  Go fossil hunting at Caesar Creek and experience a planetarium show at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery.

Earth Trek (ages 11-13)
Learn how to take care of the planet one adventure at a time in this action-packed camp.  Help discover how to harness the energy of the sun by building a solar oven, explore a water treatment facility, and visit Antioch Farm to "forage" for your own lunch.

Raptor Camp (ages 11-13)
Hawks, eagles, and owls are the focus of this awesome camp!  Campers search for raptors in the Glen, and take trips to raptor habitats and nesting sites.  Youll even care for a resident bird of prey at the Glen Helen Raptor Center. This is one of our most popular camps, so sign up early!

Night Camp (ages 11-13 and 13-15)
Become nocturnal, sleeping by day and exploring Glen Helen by night. Flying squirrels, owls, bats, and luna moths are your nighttime companions as you ramble through the woods and meander through the moonlight.  SIgn up early for our most popular camp!

Survivor Camp (ages 12-14 and 13-15)
Can you build a campfire, navigate a trail, or construct an emergency shelter in the woods?  Hang out with your firends and make new ones as you traverse the paths less traveled in the Glen. Using a map, compass, and your newfound skills, you'll work as a team to survive the "wilderness" of the South Glen and Little Miami River. Do you have what it takes?