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This lesson introduces students to the amazing adaptations of animals found in Glen Helen. Students also create food webs and chains to explore relationships between animals within an ecosystem. The highlight of this lesson is the opportunity to hold or touch either an Eastern Box Turtle or a Corn Snake.

Objectives for the Critter Lesson

Science Standards Covered by the Critter Lesson

Grade Four

Life Sciences
A.5 Describe how organisms interact with one another in various ways.

Grade Five

Life Sciences
B.1 Describe the role of producers in the transfer of energy entering ecosystems as sunlight to chemical energy through photosynthesis.
B.2 Explain how almost all kinds of animals’ food can be traced back to plants.
B.3 Trace the organization of simple food chains and food webs.
C.4 Summarize that organisms can survive only in ecosystems in which their needs can be met. The world has different ecosystems and distinct ecosystems support the live s of different types of organisms.
C.6 Analyze how all organisms, including humans, cause changes in their ecosystems and how these changes can be beneficial, neutral or detrimental.

Grade Six

Life Sciences
A.2 Explain that multicellular organisms have a variety of specialized cells, tissues, organs and organ systems that perform specialized functions.

Scientific Inquiry
B.3 Distinguish between observation and inference.