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This lesson explores the geologic features found in the Glen, including potholes, rock creep, cascades, limestone caves and glacial valleys. The students will learn how glaciers have shaped the Ohio landscape while witnessing evidence of their presence. A trip to the Yellow Spring is a highlight of this lesson.

Objectives for the Geology Lesson

Science Standards Covered by the Geology Lesson

Grade Four
Earth and Space Sciences
B.8 Describe how wind, water and ice shape and reshape Earth’s land surface by eroding rock and soil in some areas and depositing them in other areas producing characteristic landforms.
B.9 Identify and describe how freezing, thawing and plant growth reshape the land surface by causing the weathering of rock.
B.10 Describe evidence of changes on Earth’s surface in terms of slow processes and rapid processes.

Life Sciences
C.4 Observe and explore that fossils provide evidence about plants that lived long ago and the nature of the environment at that time.

Grade Six
Earth and Space Sciences
D.1 Describe the rock cycle and explain that there are sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks that have distinct properties and are formed in different ways.
D.2 Explain that rocks are made of one or more minerals.
D.3 Identify minerals by their characteristic properties.