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: Living History :

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(requires teacher / chaperone involvement)
Students venture back to the year 1796 and visit with famous historical figures of the surrounding area such as Tecumseh, Blue Jacket, Johnny Appleseed, and Betty Zane. Each Naturalist performs as a historical character for trail groups to interact with.

Objectives of the Living History Lesson

Social Studies Standards Covered by the Living History Lesson

Grade Four
B.3 Explain the causes and effects of the frontier wars of the 1790s, including the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on American Indians in Ohio and the United States.

People in Societies
B.2 Describe the impact of the expansion of European settlements on American Indians in Ohio.
2.B.3 Explain the reasons people came to Ohio.

Grade Five
C.6 Explain the impact of settlement, industrialization and transportation on the expansion of the United States.

A.1 Compare different allocation methods for scarce goods and services such as prices, command, first-come-first-served, sharing equally, rationing and lottery.

Grade Six
C.5 Describe ways human settlements and activities are influenced by environmental factors and processes in different places and regions.
D.8 Explain push and pull factors that cause people to migrate from place to place.