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: Weather Investigations :

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Students learn about weather concepts, such as relative humidity, barometric pressure, and cloud formations. As a trail group, students collect weather data at the Glen Helen Weather Station and share the results with the rest of the students at a determined mealtime.

Objectives for the Weather Lesson

Science Standards Covered by the Weather Lesson

Grade Four

Earth and Space Sciences
D.1 Explain that air surrounds us, takes up space, moves around us as wind, and may be measured using barometric pressure.
D.2 Identify how water exists in the air in different forms.
D.3 Investigate how water changes from one state to another.
D.4 Describe weather by measurable quantities such as temperature, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation and barometric pressure.
D.7 Describe the weather which accompanies cumulus, cumulonimbus, cirrus and stratus clouds.

Physical Sciences
B.4 Explain that matter has different states and that each state has distinct physical properties.

Scientific Inquiry
A.1 Select the appropriate tools and use relevant safety procedures to measure and record length, weight, volume, temperature and area in metric and English units.

Scientific Ways of Knowing
C.2 Record the results and data from an investigation and make a reasonable explanation.

Grade Five
Scientific Inquiry
A.1 Select and safely use the appropriate tools to collect data when conducting investigations and communicating findings to others.
B.3 Use evidence and observations to explain and communicate the results of investigations.

Scientific Ways of Knowing
C.5 Keep records of investigations and observations that are understandable weeks or months later.

Grade Six
Physical Sciences
A.3 Describe that in a physical change the chemical properties of a substance remain unchanged.

Math Standards Covered by the Weather Lesson

Grade Five
Data Analysis and Probability
E.4 Determine appropriate data to be collected to answer questions posed by students or teacher, collect and display data, and clearly communicate findings.