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: Outdoor School Program Information Form :

We look forward to your visit!

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Note: Arrivals between 10 and 10:30 a.m. and departures around 1pm work best with our program.

How will you be arriving?
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(food, physical limitations, repeaters to the Outdoor Education Center, etc.)


Note: Combined teacher/chaperone attendance should not exceed six people unless arrangements are made in advance.

Please certify that your volunteer chaperones have been cleared for participation following school/school district policy for volunteer chaperones.*


Dorm Preferences:

Program Selection

The Schoolcamp program at the Outdoor Education Center is designed to complement your learning objectives and is aligned with Ohio Academic Content Standards (OACS). Our staff will honor your requests of lessons and concepts you would like covered (see pages 11-16 OACS), and blend your requests with traditional favorites that create a unique outdoor education experience. Our standard program will include a hike to the Yellow Spring, cooperative activities, a visit the Raptor Center to learn about birds of prey, and an opportunity for students to handle a snake or turtle. Before each meal, the members of one trail group will become meteorologists as they visit the Weather Station and prepare a weather report that is presented after the meal. Participants in the four-day program will also visit the Pine Forest.

Please list the specific lessons (see pages 11-16 OACS) that you would like your students to experience. Feel free to indicate any specific themes, concepts, or activities that you would like our staff to focus upon. Please contact our Program Coordinator (call 1-800-538-4893 or email oecprograminfo@glenhelen.org) if you would like assistance in making selections.

For the 4-day program you may choose FIVE lessons. For the 2.5-day program you may choose THREE lessons.*


Evening Programs


The Outdoor Education Center will provide a snack each afternoon. Your school may choose to provide an evening snack. If you choose to provide an evening snack, please help us reinforce our emphasis on environmental awareness by using our reusable cups and plates and by choosing healthy snacks with as little packaging as possible.

Do you intend to provide an evening snack each night?*
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  • We ask that your school support Glen Helen by bringing us a ream of recycled paper to use with your students.
  • This form is due at least two weeks before your visit.
  • For further assistance contact our Program Coordinator (ph) 1-800-538-4893 or (e) oecprograminfo@glenhelen.org


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